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About Us

Keep Safe Solutions is a family-owned and run health and safety training and consultancy company dedicated to inspiring a positive safety culture globally.

Our family-oriented vision and a shared set of ethos is what initially brought Keep Safe Solutions to life, and this is what still drives it today.

A vision where employees can commute safely, work safely, and return home to their loved ones safely, every day - a vision of a safer workplace.

Health and Safety Consultancy

At Keep Safe HQ, our family oriented values are what drives us - they are what makes us different, and what makes us want to make a difference.

Our commitment to all our partners is what sets us apart from the competition – we’re not a ‘copy and paste’ consultancy, and we’re proud of it.

From managerial monthly subscriber packages, to daily rate site visits, we can assist in all your health and safety needs including:

•Management system building
•Policy writing
•Risk assessments
•Safe systems of work
•Fire risk assessments
•Workplace health and safety inspections
•Health and safety management system audits
•Health and safety accreditation acquisition

Health and Safety Training

Here at Keep Safe Solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering enjoyable, engaging and high quality health and safety training - and our expert trainers thrive in the classroom.

Courses can be delivered both on-site at your premises or at our venues, nationwide.

Our ability to deliver these courses at your premises reduces the amount of time your employees spend out of work travelling and maximises efficiency. Courses include:

•Health and Safety Training
•Fire Safety Training
•First Aid Training

•Managing Safely
•Working Safely

•National General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health

Health and Safety Equipment

Keeping people safe is not just a day job for the Keep Safe team - it's our passion - and having the right kit and equipment is paramount is creating a safe and healthy working environment.

With such a huge range of health and safety equipment available online, it can be easy to get caught up in the jargon. Keep Safe Solutions only provides the very best in high quality kit, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your workforce is covered.

So, regardless of your needs - get in touch. Keep Safe Solutions have got you covered! We're confident that we can provide what you're looking for, and at affordable prices, including:

•Personal protective clothing
•Personal protective equipment
•Respiratory protective equipment
•Health and safety signage and equipment
•Fire safety signage and equipment

Terry Daine - Director of Strategy and Compliance

Terry has over eight years' experience in risk manage in both the public and private sectors, as well as an exemplary tenure in the Royal Marines.

Specialising in strategic-level health and safety management, Terry advises one of the largest property and leisure management, development and regeneration companies in the UK, as well as board-level executives for numerous manufacturing, construction and educational organisations.

Terry is also a qualified health and safety trainer, delivering a variety of courses, for a range of recognised and awarding bodies.

Terry Daine
Danny McCreith

Danny McCreith - Director of Training and Consultancy

Danny is a dynamic health and safety practitioner with a long and distinguished career of over 20 years in Her Majesty's Armed Forces and the commercial business sector.

His career includes numerous citations for excellence in health and safety leadership and management, gained in some of the world’s most demanding and hostile environments where he ensured the safety and wellbeing of employees and contractors under his command.

Gareth Daine - Director of Search Markteing

Gareth has over 20+ years experience in software development and marketing, including SEO, content marketing, and growth strategies.

Gareth Daine
Terry McCreith

Terry McCreith - Director of Operations and Facilities Management

Terry is the founding director at Keep Safe Solutions Ltd and a health and safety professional who has worked in the facilities management arena for more than 20 years. He has an extensive knowledge of health and safety legislation from a variety of disciplines the Armed Forces, offshore oil and gas, and food processing.

Terry is an outstanding safety professional with unparalleled experience and is truly committed to promoting a positive change in safety culture across the globe.

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