Mental Health Training

Mental Health Training in the Workplace 

If you suffer a cut or a burn in the workplace, your first reaction will be to call on the office first aider to help you out. So, when your mental health is suffering, who can you call out to for help? Particularly when it’s so vital to care and look after your mental health. 

Having a mental health first aider (MHFA) in your workplace give employees a person that they can go and confide in if things are feeling too much for them. Your MHFA will then seek to help and put that employee in touch with the appropriate authorities who will be able to help them. 

A MHFA will also be trained to look for mental health symptoms in other colleagues that could indicate that they are suffering from some problems and might need some help. This person will be non-judgemental and will keep everything completely confidential. Which will make it easier for employees to contact the MHFA in their workplace. 

What Are the Benefits of Having a MHFA in the Workplace? 

Mental Health Training in the Workplace - Keep Safe Solutions

While mental health well-being wasn’t well understood in the past, these days we know that our employee’s mental health is just as important as their physical health. In fact, if left untreated, mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression can lead to long-term absences in your work force.

So, by hosting mental health training and having at least one MHFA in your workplace, it means that your employees know that you are offering them a safe place to confide and perhaps even seek help if they’re not comfortable speaking to family for friends. Plus, by having a workplace that openly looks after the mental health well-being of staff, your staff turnover may improve. 

Are Mental Health First Aiders Mandatory? 

Are Mental Health First Aiders Mandatory? - Keep Safe Solutions

At the moment, unlike a regular first aider, there is no legal requirement for an employer to conduct mental health training or appoint a MHFA. Instead, it is really up to that business to decide whether or not to provide training. 

This could easily change in the near future, though, which makes it a very sensible choice for workplaces to start training now. Plus, more than that, a workplace that understands mental health makes for a very desirable place to work, meaning people are more likely to apply for jobs with you as well as staying loyal to your company. 

Common Signs of Underlying Mental Health Problems 

As part of their training, yourself and employees will be able to spot some of the common signs of problems in your workforce. These can include: 

1: Changes in Character 

Staying in such close proximity to those we work with on a regular basis, it makes sense that you come to know that person very well. Which will allow you to spot any changes in characters that could point to towards that person suffering in silence. 

Common signs could be that person being irritable or acting particularly anxious, yet it’s important to note that changing personality to be overly-joking or laughing all the time could also be a sign. As here the person could be hiding depression or stress by acting the opposite. 

2: Isolating Themselves from Others 

Generally, a workplace will like to organise social events such as Christmas parties or even just a few drinks after work. Even a few of you enjoying lunch together and chatting or having a quick cup of tea and a biscuit in the afternoon are all normal aspects of being social at work.

So, if someone suddenly starts avoiding these and spending long periods of time alone, it could be a sign of something underlying going on. 

3: Changes in Sleeping Patterns 

Often, in the morning, employees will chat about their evening beforehand and how they slept. Meaning we can actually have quite an in-depth knowledge of each other’s sleeping patterns. If someone is sleeping less or more than usual, it could be cause for concern. 

4: Eating Differently 

Like knowing each other’s sleeping patterns, your colleagues will likely know about your eating habits. Especially when so many of us are always on – and breaking! – our diets. If someone who doesn’t eat a lot, starts snacking endlessly or perhaps someone seems to have lost their appetite altogether, it could well be a sign of a mental health concern. 

5: Changes in Work Quality 

As managers or supervisors, you will know the quality of the work those under you usually provide. Which means, if this quality takes a dive, you will be the first to notice. This could be a one-off, however, repeated dips in work quality is also a sign of an employee being distracted because of stress or similar. 

Other colleagues may also be able to spot mental health changes if someone is acting strange or confused, making mistakes unlike them due to concentration. In which case you might wish to consider notifying a manager about your worries. 

6: Looking or Acting Sad 

While people can be extremely good at hiding any mental health symptoms from others, this is an exhausting thing to do and that person won’t be able to keep this façade up all the time. So, when someone is working and they think no one is watching, you can usually see if they are looking sad or particularly low. 

These mental health symptoms and your employees knowing about them, makes it easier for vulnerable staff to be approached and helped. Which could potentially safe a life. As well as training in this way, signposting appropriate bodies and a confidential way for people to contact someone about their own health, can really help inspire employees to seek help. 

How to Appoint a MHFA and Conduct Mental Health Training in the Workplace Mental Health Training in the Workplace - KSS

Mental health training courses through a professional company is something that you should consider for all of your employees. After this general training, you will them be able to look for any volunteers who may wish to take their training further to become a mental health first aider. 

If this is something you would like to implement in your business, contact us here at Keep Safe Solutions and we will talk you through our mental health course and how it could benefit your team.

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Ryan LeeRyan Lee
15:11 01 May 24
I’ve recently done an IOSH course through Keep Safe Solutions. The course itself was really good and informative which was well delivered by the tutor Phil.The setting for the classroom was very good as well as the complimentary food and drinks throughout the course.Highly recommend this company for courses such as IOSH and first aid. They told me they’re soon to be delivering NEEBOSH also.
19:30 22 Mar 24
From day one the guys at keep Safe couldn't of been more helpful, the course was delivered amazingly by the tutor Phil who was there to guide and help me every step of the way. I strongly recommend these guys for to anyone wanting to further there career.
pam radakovicpam radakovic
20:18 02 Feb 24
I attended the IOSH course this week and it was very enjoyable. Phil, the course tutor did an amazing job at making the course enjoyable and easy to follow. Delighted I passed and would highly recommend Keep Safe Solutions for a range of fantastic courses to any individuals or businesses.
Andrew Lodge SecretaryAndrew Lodge Secretary
08:11 02 Feb 24
Phill Curtis IOSH TrainerA big thank you to Danny, Terry and Chris for all of the support back in 2022 and the assistance in my trainer application and successful submission to the business support team @ IOSH.The mentoring from Danny back in October 2022, allowing me to observe course delivery and the support since becoming a freelance trainer has always been above and beyond from the whole team at KSS.There facilities are 1st rate and provide a great learning environment to all students and always includes snacks and refreshments aplenty.Delivering training often on the hoof as a freelancer is always challenging , however when course documentation is ready for you on that 1st day and the team support you throughout the course and assist in ensuring it’s all collated upon course completion always enables stress free delivery.Their continued support is always appreciated as is their very prompt payment of the trainer invoice. Now entering my 2nd year with KSS, I look forward to continuing our working relationship. Worthy of 5 stars after a full year of active support.
Kelly AlderKelly Alder
15:00 22 Jan 24
After recently moving to the area I was looking for reputable training establishments to freelance for. I was recommended KSS and their amazing team by an other trainer in the area. I was invited to the office to meet the team prior to the scheduled training day. The location is perfect for onsite training and creates a very inclusive learning environment. I was teaching offsite at a clients venue so I was treated to a lovely coffee and all my paperwork had been colated with all the information I required all ready to make a seamless stress free day. The clients venue was well vetted and was perfect for a day's teaching with everything thought of to ensure the comfort of my learning candidates and myself. I was very impressed with the organisation and care taken to ensure I was happy as a trainer and payment on receipt of paperwork was a welcomed bonus and very unusual in a 30 day invoice climate. Massive thanks to the team at KSS for making me feel so welcomed and valued.
Tony CharnleyTony Charnley
14:56 22 Jan 24
Keeps safe sorted us out from start to finishAny problems & questions they just sort without any issues. Top professionals and top of there game , use them 100% trust worthy . Thank you
stephen huxleystephen huxley
10:48 19 Jan 24
I contacted KSS in need of advice and guidance around my Companies Management Systems, Health and Safety Protocols and Extinguisher Procurement. Chris from KSS worked with me across all three areas (and more!) his knowledge was extensive and I particularly liked the way that he really took the time to understand my Company and therefore wss able to provide advice and guidance tailored to our unique and specific needs. Chris kept to all the timelines and deadlines that we had agreed and really went the extra mile over the Christmas period to ensure I was able to get things up and running very quickly. Thank you KSS!
Pam BarrPam Barr
16:28 16 Jan 24
We used Keep Safe Solutions to help us be compliant before opening our winebar. Chris was outstanding, making sure we had everything we needed & he ran through all details clearly. I’m happy to say we have today passed our check with Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service & they said the documents/logs & equipment we have are excellent. Can not thank & recommend Keep Safe Solutions enough. Thank you Chris 👍
Morgan HallMorgan Hall
11:48 21 Dec 23
Fantastic course. Smashed the exam thanks to Danny the instructor!Highly recommend
19:59 29 Jun 23
Currently doing IOSH with Keep Safe Solutions and have to say the staff, venue and course are absolutely world class. Proffessional, personable and perfect!
Tony SandleTony Sandle
12:07 18 Jun 23
I recently completed an IOSH Course with Keep Safe Solutions. Their training venue is really nice, their instructors are extremely good and the whole experience was a great one. As a training professional myself, I can’t recommend them highly enough.
John GreenhalghJohn Greenhalgh
14:57 17 Mar 23
I have just completed a course with Keep Safe Solutions and cannot recommend them enough. The staff are highly motivated, knowledgeable and experienced in their field and they create a learning environment that makes all participants feel welcome no matter what you ability or experience.
THH TeamTHH Team
13:07 17 Mar 23
I recently did my IOSH course with KSS. Everything about KSS was first class from the venue/facilities and hospitality to the instructor and course content.Just got email now saying i passed and my certificate is in the post so happy days!I would recommend KSS to any individual or company that requires training.Thanks again!Regards.Ian.
Anthony WaithAnthony Waith
14:13 17 Oct 22
Completed my IOSH managing safely, really enjoyed the course and learned alot.Danny and Terry were great instructors, very knowledgeable and always happy to answer questions throughout. The facilities were great.I would highly recommend keep safe solutions, for any courses that you need. :)
Mia Stoces-BrownMia Stoces-Brown
11:07 19 Aug 22
Attended an IOSH Managing Safely course. Danny was amazing. Was lovely to learn in a relaxed, friendly and interactive environment. Would 100% recommend.
Ellis MichaelEllis Michael
07:39 15 Aug 22
I would highly recommend Keep Safe Solutions for any H&S course. Danny made the course fun, informative and easy to understand.
Riva DaviesRiva Davies
14:37 01 Aug 22
Completed my iosh managing safely, really enjoyed it. Danny was excellent at all aspects of the course. I would highly recommend keep safe solutions, for any courses that you need. :)
Daniel HulseDaniel Hulse
09:24 01 Aug 22
IOSH Training 27th-29th July 2022Very enjoyable training in great facilities. Danny and Terry made the training fun and engaging with their more informal style. The lunch was fantastic. I would not hesitate to recommend Keep Safe Solutions for your H+S training requirements and look forward to working with the team again.
Nigel JonesNigel Jones
17:25 04 Apr 22
I recently attended the IOSH MS course with keep safe solutions at their Liverpool centre. Their pre course administration was second to none, all the information I needed provided in good time. On arrival the professional theme continued, warmly received by the KSS staff, the course content and delivery was excellent. The instructor (Danny) was knowledgable, friendly and very approachable throughout the course, always their to provide support when needed. If your looking for a course provider, then look no further. Thank you Keep Safe Solutions for a fantastic course, I look forward in attending more courses with you in the future 👍
Cyberbabes ShorrockCyberbabes Shorrock
11:58 14 Mar 22
Used Keep safe solutions for the first time for our first aid course, would defiantly be using them again. Danny was an a brilliant instructor who made us laugh and made learning easy and kept us all interested throughout the day. Highly recommend.
Matt ParryMatt Parry
11:42 09 Aug 21
Great course content, delivered by knowledgeable trainers with a vast experience background.Hospitality second to none.Already recommended for our Senior Management Team to take the IOSH course with Keep Safe Solutions and will definitely use for my NEBOSH course.Thank You Terry and Dan.
Vox McrVox Mcr
08:44 17 Feb 21
Keep Safe Solutions provided our team with truly outstanding training. Each day was very insightful and informative.Andrew our instructor was professional and has a wealth of knowledge to pass on. Each training day he switched up the learning styles to ensure all information would process easily.Fantastic team over at Keep Safe Solutions, great support with all online courses as well, would highly recommend.
Ben PearceBen Pearce
11:20 14 Dec 20
Great location, opposite Moorfields train station. I enjoyed the IOSH Managing safely course, delivered very well by Danny, swapping experiences with people from different walks of life. I would 100% recommend Keep Safe Solutions and will use them for all our training and consultancy going forwards.
Peter DuncanPeter Duncan
16:41 11 Dec 20
I have just completed my isosh managing safely , really enjoyed it and Danny mc and dan were excellent at all aspects of the course. I would highly recommend keep safe solutions, for any courses that you need. I was so impressed ave book my nebosh for April
chris leechchris leech
12:18 26 Apr 20
Conducted the IOSH course March 2020, fantastic course, great location and ran by quality staff. Look no further A+++++
Rebecca HetheringtonRebecca Hetherington
07:45 25 Mar 20
Great course! Terry was fantastic and lead us through the IOSH course successfully and in a fun and interesting way! Thanks KSS!!
Matthew PickeringMatthew Pickering
21:40 27 Nov 19
Brilliant course with clear and concise tuition. Danny was great and kept the pace well throughout.Would recommend.
Patryck McQuinnPatryck McQuinn
13:28 27 Jun 19
Brilliant course very well delivered by a fantastic instructor.I would highly recommend others to attend the course.
Georgina ArnoldGeorgina Arnold
12:20 27 Jun 19
Fantastic course and a excellent instructor would highly recommend!
Mark NichollsMark Nicholls
10:53 27 Jun 19
Danny was an excellent instructor for the iosh managing safely course. If I was to do further training I would definitely use keep safe solutions.Mark James Nicholls Bay property Group
Alan EvansAlan Evans
14:19 05 Dec 18
Brilliant course, I'm quite new to my H&S role and this was pitched just right for me to absorb all the information and achieve the qualification. Facilities were great and all training materials were really helpful. Thanks Terry for all your help and advice.
Darren GassonDarren Gasson
07:32 12 Oct 18
I have recently done an ISO45001 auditors course. From the moment I contacted Keep Safe Solutions the experience has been second to none. Excellent communication, well organised and professional. During the training the instructor was first class with bucket loads of knowledge to pass on. The learning environment was superb, relaxed modern and comfortable. Refreshments and lunch catered for. I will be using Keep Safe Solutions again with a view to using them in my workplace in the future. Thank you Danny, Terry and Gareth.
Terry JohnsonTerry Johnson
22:52 11 Oct 18
A big thank you to Keep Safe Solutions for the superb delivery of the ISO 45001 Lead Auditor course. The administration, venue facilities including lunch were first rate. The course content was excellent, as was the knowledge and experience of our tutor Mr David Smith (only the chair of the project committee that developed the standard might I add!). I have been extremely pleased with the training received and will certainly use Keep Safe Solutions again. Unequivocally recommended!!

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