CommanderEDGE 2kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher

A CO2 fire extinguisher is an ideal choice for Class B fires (those involving flammable liquids). Being non-damaging to electrical equipment and machinery, they are also a great choice for electrical risk fires. This 2kg alloy steel model is an incredibly robust unit and stands up well to harsh environments. It has a 34B fire rating.

All our models have high quality CE marked brass valve assemblies with very strong handles.




CommanderEDGE Fire Extinguishers prioritise high performance, superb quality and unrivalled value. The CommanderEDGE 2KG CO2 Fire Extinguisher is among the finest on the market and its alloy steel squat body allows for ease of use of handling.


  • Supplied with frost-free or safe-hold horns and mounting brackets
  • Kitemarked to BS EN3
  • Manufactured to BS EN3
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • Full range of spare parts available
  • MED Approved
  • 5-year warranty

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