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Qualsafe Awards Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work Annual Refresher

The Level 3 Award in Annual Refresher course is designed for people who have a specific responsibility at work, or in voluntary or community activities, who require refresher training to continue to provide basic first aid to people in a variety of emergency first aid situations.

Over a half day period, learners will leave with a renewed confidence having had the opportunity to practise essential first aid procedures, including: managing an unresponsive casualty, CPR, wounds and bleeding, shock and more.

This qualification can be delivered as a standalone course (minimum of 3 hours) or as a ‘bolt on’ (1.5 hours excluding breaks) to other first aid qualifications that share the same assessment criteria.


Number of delegates

1 Day
£50 Per Person
Exam Included

HSE guidelines state that employers should ensure their first aiders remain competent to perform their role. As such, it is strongly recommended that first aiders undertake annual refresher training to practise their skills and update their knowledge on the latest first aid procedures.

The First Aid at Work Annual Refresher (QAR) qualification is specifically designed to allow qualified first aiders to update their first aid skills yearly, until requalification training is required.

Whether you’re up in Edinburgh, or as far south as Somerset; east-coast Newcastle or near our HQ in Liverpool, regardless of location – we’ve got you covered!

Courses can even be delivered on-site, at your premises.

The QA Level 3 First Aid at Work Annual Refresher has one unit, comprising of seven modules, these are:

  • Module 1. Ability to assess an incident
  • Module 2. Ability to provide first aid to an unresponsive casualty who is breathing normally
  • Module 3. Ability to provide first aid to an unresponsive casualty who is not breathing normally
  • Module 4. Ability to provide first aid to a casualty wounded and bleeding
  • Module 6. Ability to provide first aid to a casualty in shock

The Keep Safe Solutions trainer will assess students through practical and oral questioning through the duration of the course to ensure they have retained the knowledge, skills and udnerstanding required to confidently and competently provide first aid at work.

Practical assessments – learners will be assessed by the trainer continuously throughout the course via a range of practical assessments – the results of each module will be recorded on the practical assessment paperwork. There are four practical assessments for this qualification:

  • CPR ad safe use of an AED
  • Chocking casualty
  • Unconscious casualty
  • Wounds, bleeding and shock, plus optional extra – catastrophic bleeding

Formative assessments – a range of informal assessment procedures will be employed by the Trainer during the learning process to measure each Learner‰лЊs knowledge, skills and understanding of the course syllabus.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be presented with an industry leading and nationally recognised QA Level 3 Award First Aid at Work Annual Refresher certificate which satisfies legal obligations for training under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 and which demonstrates staff competence, creating a safer and more efficient workplace.

Keep Safe Solutions’ QA Level 3 in First Aid at Work Annual Refresher ensures qualified first aider’s competence is maintained. There first aid qualification may be used towards other qualifications at the same and higher level, plus aid career progression in a relevant profession.

A viable ‘next step’ for first aiders (once competence has been refreshed) would be for learners to attend QA Train the Trainer in First Aid at Work course – an Ofqual regulated and nationally recognised qualification which allows successful delegates to act as fully qualified first aid instructors.

Organisational Benefits

Minimal disruption ‰- the programme is delivered in just hald a day (including assessment)

  • Greater productivity ‰- Keep Safe Solutions can provide on-site training across our range of courses, meaning your staff spend less time travelling and less time out of work
  • Improved organisation – wide safety awareness culture and appreciation of first aid safety measures
  • Nationally recognised and industry leading certification for employees, leaving you feeling confident that your organisation’s legal obligations are being met
  • Ensures the competence of your employees is maintained, putting your maind at rest that your organisation is in safe, competent hands and ‘skill fade’ has not set in

Individual Benefits

  • Greater knowledge – Individuals will have a greater knowledge of first aid situations as well as an increased competence at managing those very situations and employees. This enhanced knowledge and the acquisition of additional responsibility will in turn, increase their chances at career progression within their workplace
  • Future employablility – The QA Level 3 in First Aid at Work Annual Refresher course ensures competence is maintained and demonstrates dedication to first aid. Employers in all industries and sectors value this dedication and competence and delegates who successfully complete the course greatly increase their chances of being employed in the future
  • Formal recognition – successful completion of the course and the achievement of the QA Level 3 in First Aid at Work Annual Refresher demonstrates a strong commitment to first aid and workplace safety, meaning the candidate is formally recognised by not just their colleagues, but also the first aid sector
  • Transferable skills – the QA Level 3 in First Aid at Work Annual Refresher may be primarily designed for the workplace, however the knowledge and skill taught on the course are priceless when faced with a real-life emergency situation at home or whilst out in public
  • Increased confidence – candidates will feel more confident in undertaking their duties upon successful completion of the QA Level 3 in First Aid at Work Annual Refresher, thus reducing workplace stress and anxiety

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